April 23, 2019

5 Secret Tips to Lower the Cost of your Maid Service

Want to know the Top 5 Secrets to Lowering the cost of your Maid Service?

Having a Maid Service clean your home or apartment is often a necessity for todays busy family. So many of us are trying to juggle kids sports, work and busy personal lives. The good news though is there are a couple tips I can share. These tips will help you manage the overall cost of the service that you have to clean your home while still getting a high quality cleaning.

Click the video below to get the Top 5 Tips to Lower your Maid Service!

As I reviewed in the video, the first point that you must follow through on is insisting on a “real” Maid Service. What is a “real” Maid Service you ask? One that does not contract out their work (i.e. 1099 employees). When a Maid Service takes steps to have actual employees then you can the sure your maids will have proper training and quality standards for your cleaning.

Additionally, having a professional cleaning company as a partner ensures that your house and their work will be properly covered from an insurance and liability standpoint. So many families look over this one simple fact and the truth is in today’s litigious world. I feel strongly that you should NEVER allow a Maid Service in your home unless they can provide you with copies of their insurance, bonding and county/State certification (think hiring from Angies List or Craigslist!).

Another key point to lowering the cost of your Maid Service is to never hire your service with a Third Party aggregator service such as Angies List, Yelp, Craigslist or other.

This may surprise you as many of these third party services “sell” themselves as being driven by honest reviews but I have found that all of them are “gamed” and in some instances will not allow for honest reviews unless the Maid Service buys advertising packages from them.

Simply put, third party services are not providing you the consumer an honest look at the quality of work you would expect from a Maid Service.

I wrote up a detailed article on “Why you don’t want to hire your Maid Service on Angies List” where I go in to much more detail, go ahead and click the link if this is something you want to learn more about. These services always cost the provider (read Maid Service) money to list on. If they do not charge a recurring listing fee then they insist on paid advertising or other requirements.

All of these fees ultimately get added back in to the total price that you as a consumer will be charged. In conclusion, third party Maid Service companies like Angies List, Yelp and others are not a reliable nor cost effective place to find your next Maid Service.

The most important factor in lowering the cost of your Maid Service is to find a cleaning company where you can communicate openly. 

As I have learned in life “an ounce of prevention” goes a long way and when you have a cleaning company that understands your home and cleaning needs then your “prevention” and maintenance of your home becomes the norm. For example, here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we approach a new home by focusing on getting the home up to “perfect” or maintenance mode as fast as we can.

I have a video series on how Magnolia Cleaning Service differentiates ourselves as the best maid service in Central Florida, if you want to learn more on that click here: Why you should choose Magnolia Cleaning Service to be your next Maid Service.

Often this means that our first time customers pay more early on in the relationship but having a Deep Cleaning up front allows our Maids to get ahead of the curve and bring you to maintenance quicker thereby bring the cost of your cleaning down.

Some of this sounds like common sense but when you commit to understanding that the goal is “perfect” or maintenance and how quickly you can have a professional cleaning service get you there will you understand how costs both in the short term and long term come in to play and can be managed.

Hope you enjoyed the quick video and as always please let us know if you have any questions. If you are interested in getting a Gift Certificate or call us at 407 988-0661.

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