July 7, 2020

5 Things Your Maid Service Wished You Knew [VIDEO]

The most important components of the 5 Things Your Maid Service Wished You Knew are Communication & Feedback!


If you have an area in your house that needs extra time or attention, make sure you communicate that to the cleaning technicians assigned to clean your home prior or upon their arrival.

Identifying Problems

An important component of the 5 Things your Maid Service wished you knew is to identify problems that need extra attention is very helpful because you know your home better than the cleaning team.

Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we send an email reminder 3 days before the booking and in the email it asks the customer to reply if there is any specific needs we need to be aware of. We also send an email 2 days after their house cleaning asking for feedback, that way we are aware if there is anything we need to work on the next time we are scheduled to clean their home.

Our reminders and your feedback to them build the consistency of a 5 Star cleaning and the relationship the cleaning team will have with you and your home.

Initial Cleaning

During the initial consultation at Magnolia Cleaning Service we try to understand your cleaning needs. The key here is to manage expectations and for us to understand exactly how you are going to be happy with our service. We added it to the list of the 5 Things your Maid Service Wished You Knew but truth is if there was one “thing” it would be to make sure why know what your expectations are up front.

Be clear about exactly how big—and exactly how dirty—your home is during the consultation call, so we can book the appropriate type of service and amount of time.

Communication is extremely important to providing the 5 Star Service we aim for.


Tidying and straightening up your home before the cleaning team arrives ensures that the team can spend the majority of their time cleaning instead of organizing your home.

When you “pick up” your home before the cleaning team arrives, it eliminates distractions and ensures a more thorough clean!


If you are planning on not being home during the cleaning service, please make sure to leave an access key or code for the cleaning team, as well as any special instructions for turning off a home security system. This prevents the team from waisting their time trying to get in your home instead of cleaning your home!


It is critical for the cleaning crew to understand your cleaning needs. This includes knowing your pet peeves and any specific needs you may have.

Our recommendation to all our customers is to invest in your relationship with the cleaning maids. The better the relationship you have with your cleaning company, the more trust you will have and the better service you will receive!

Here at Magnolia Cleaning, we try to schedule the same team to be responsible to clean your home, which allows the workers to get to know the homeowners over time and adjust the service based on what that customer needs, it becomes a more personal service.

Magnolia Cleaning Service has a standard checklists of tasks that the cleaning crews must complete at each visit and also a specific checklist customized for each customer’s needs.


When the cleaning team feels appreciated they will go the extra mile! It can be as little as a cold glass of water to a $5 gift card. It is amazing how a little gesture can go a long way!

Contact Magnolia Cleaning Service today to talk about how we can help simplify your life. We can work with you to create a cleaning plan suited for your needs.

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