May 10


May 10, 2020

9 Questions To Ask Your Next Maid Service [VIDEO]

Hiring a Maid Service can be confusing and at times it is very difficult to tell the good Maid Services from the bad ones.

In this article we give you 9 questions that you should use to interview your next Maid Service. These questions are designed to give you answers to protect your family & ensure you find a honest and professional Maid Service.

Why You Must Interview Prospective Maid Services

Taking the time to ask specific questions before you commit to a Maid Service is an important step to take before committing to a service.

So as you can see from the video, all of these questions are designed for you to limit any risk you may take as a homeowner while then quickly isolating the best Maid Service for your home!

As a review, here are the questions that you must ask.

9 Questions to ask your next Maid Service

  1. Is your house cleaning company licensed, insured and bonded?
  2. Do your maids have workers compensation?
  3. Do you pay your employees following all IRS guidelines (paying all the maids payroll taxes, social security taxes, medicare tax, state unemployment tax, & federal unemployment tax)?
  4. How many applicants do you interview to find one good maid?
  5. Are your maids employees or are they independent contractors?
  6. Will the maids bring all the supplies and equipment or do I have to provide them?
  7. Do you have a formal training program?
  8. Does your maid service have a history of showing up on the day of service at the promised time?
  9. Does the maid service have a formal online feedback system?

Finding a great Maid Service can be difficult.

When you know what to ask then you can quickly cross off some of the bad choices and find a great fit for your home!

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