January 11


January 11, 2019

Additional Services from your Maid Services | What you need to know!

What are the extras that you can get from your Maid Service?

Having a customized cleaning plan for your home is important when hiring a Maid Service and finding a great Maid that can take care of your additional services is not hard! Most of the Franchise Maid Service’s and smaller cleaning companies are unable to offer additional services to your homes cleaning.

The best Maid Services will be able to work in extra services either along with your regular schedule or on a quarterly/semi annual basis.

To give you an idea, most of our customers ask Magnolia Cleaning Service to regularly change sheets, do dishes etc. We also recommend that every one of our customers does a Deep Cleaning at least 1x a year if not twice. The easy way to remember this is to do a Spring and Fall Deep Cleaning so you can catch up with the extra mess that each one of these seasons brings. So having additional services is really just part of taking of all of your homes cleaning needs.

Below you will find a summary of some of the extra services that Magnolia Cleaning Service of Central Florida offers. Note that we also are able to go above and beyond these standard extras and the better Maid Services in your area most likely will be able to do the same.

Typical Maid Service Extra Services

Magnolia Cleaning Service Extra Services
These are the extra services that Magnolia Cleaning Service offers but charges a bit extra for.

A word of caution, if your present Maid Service is not able or willing to add in extras like those above then this should raise a flag. The truth is you should have a partnership with your Maid Service where they are solving all of your cleaning needs and not just giving you the basics. Extra services will cost a bit more money but ultimately when you have a great Maid Service they should give you extra time to relax.

As always if you are in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota and looking for a great Maid Service then please consider Magnolia Cleaning Service. You can find our booking for here and pick the day and time that you want us to take care of everything: Magnolia Cleaning Service Booking Form

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