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January 14, 2018

Who is the best Residential Cleaning Company in Lake Mary?

Who is the best residential cleaning company in Lake Mary?

Best Residential Cleaner Lake Mary

Choosing a residential cleaning company is a very important decision and often the cleaning needs of you family are unique to your home in Lake Mary.

Let us give you a couple things to consider as you begin your search for the best residential cleaning company in Lake Mary and we will end this short post on why we feel Magnolia Cleaning Service is the one for you.

Trust may be one of the most important factors when choosing a residential cleaning company.

Know that unless a company clearly states their hiring policies and that they have strict employment verification standards then you should assume they don’t!  You should not assume anything when it comes to this as a common practice within this industry is to not properly screen employees or contractors. At Magnolia Cleaning Service we know that trust is key and that you will not just let anyone in to your home.  All of the employees at Magnolia Cleaning must pass a full criminal background check as part of their initial screening to join one of our cleaning teams tat work in Lake Mary.  We also employ regular drug screenings as conditions of employment and have a one strike and you’re out policy.  Lastly, all of our cleaning team members are verified legal to work within the United States.  Does this make us perfect? Of course not but these three steps are very important factors that build to our commitment as being a trustworthy partner for your families cleaning needs.

Another key factor that will help you find the “best” residential cleaning company is verifying that the company you hire is bonded and  insured.

Having a bond for the company and being properly insured is a non negotiable must have.  Here at Magnolia Cleaning we openly display out bonding and insurance papers and have nothing to hide and know that you must trust your cleaning company.  Displaying these without having to be asked is a best practice though many of the smaller companies and others who want to cut corners other do not have them or have policies that will not provide proper coverage.  Again this should be a non starter and mandatory request to verify that you chosen cleaning company be properly bonded and insured.

One of the last factors that drives to answering who the best cleaning company is in Lake Mary is can you count on the quality of the work day in and day out?

Providing a consistent professional cleaning is tough but here at Magnolia Cleaning we have a number of policies and quality checks that each cleaning team member must sign off on before we consider a job complete.  We recently had a review on our Facebook page from Joy in Magnolia Plantation that gave her cleaning team recognition on this consistency.  In her review Joy said, “Ana and her team are exceptional. Their attention to detail is superb and they truly listen to my needs and desires. Ana takes great care in training her team to ensure they deliver a quality, thorough cleaning and it’s clear her employees take pride in their work. I️ have used this team to clean my house in Lake Mary for almost two years and they are completely dependable and trustworthy!”  Thanks Joy!  We really appreciate the kind words!

Our policies are part technology (we have an App that all of our team members use to guide them throughout the sign off and completion of each section of your home) and also just good old manual checking.  Our Team Leads must sign off on each job and before they leave your home must ensure that the quality of work is both above our standard and thorough.  We have a 100% Money Back no risk guarantee for each cleaning so if you are not happy with ANY part of the job you can call us back so we fix it and if at that time are still not 100% happy we will gladly refund in full your money.  We are confident in our workmanship and know that each family has standards that must be met.  Having a constant, professional and no risk “contract” with your residential cleaning company is important and we will not cut corners when it comes to meeting and exceeding all of your cleaning needs.

So there you have three of the big factors that go in to answering “Who is the best cleaning company in Lake Mary?” If you want to look at our pricing and learn more about the services that we offer at Magnolia Cleaning go over to our Booking Form and check us out.  We service all of Lake Mary including Magnolia Plantation, Alaqua Lakes, Heathrow Woods, and the greater Orlando area.

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