January 20


January 20, 2018

Who is the best Residential Cleaning Company in Magnolia Plantation?

Great question and you are not alone in asking this!  Families that are new to the Magnolia Plantation in Lake Mary and even those who have a cleaner already at times find themselves asking what cleaning companies can I trust and who it the best.
I am Ana Mirwald the owner of Magnolia Cleaning, let me what you through the Top 3 things you need to know when evaluating a cleaning company.
    1. Are the Cleaning Companies you are considering for your home in Magnolia Plantation properly insured and bonded?  Having the proper bonding and insurance policies should be a must have for any cleaning company to be in your consideration.  Outside of the obvious conern that you should have with your property these policies also show you that the company is serious about providing you piece of mind and won’t cut corners on something this important. The proper policies are not hard to get but they do cost a lot of money.  Again, the “fly by night” or “one man show” companies who service Magnolia Plantation that are teams of one often skip past having both bonding and insurance and that should be a big flag for you. Not having the policies does save money and may translate in to a “cheaper” bid but cheap bidding on something as important as risk within your home should immediate take companies out of the running. Magnolia Cleaning Sevirce has fully funded boding and insurance polices and you can see our insurance policy and bonding on these links.
    2. Do they hire employees that are legally eligible to work within the US? Yes this is a “hot topic” within the political arena but lets skip past that discussion.  The simple fact for you as it relates to legal employment is undocumented labor and cleaning companies who hire teams off the books are cutting corners and this puts your property and any claims that many need to be made at risk. Simply put, a bond that said cleaning company has or their insurance policy riders are immediately null and void when illegal labor is working within your home.  At Magnolia Cleaning Service all of our employees are fully eligible to work within the US.  We also take the additional steps of running a full Criminal Background Check and Random Drug Screening on all of our employees.  Both are recruitments for employment and any infraction will lead to immediate termination.  Out commitment to providing you a professional, trustworthy and high quality service begins and ends with hiring the best cleaning team members.   Our hiring standards are higher than every our competitors we have studied and we feel this standard translates to our commitment to servicing all of your families cleaning needs.
    3. Are the cleaning companies for your home in Magnolia Plantation trustworthy and proven? Often within the classifieds for cleaning services you will see two extremes for service providers. There are the one woman shows where the owner is the cleaner and the consistency of the cleaning services provided are only as good as the owner/cleaner.  The other extreme are the franchise cleaning companies that seam to advertise everywhere and hire anyone employee that applies.  The problems with both approaches is your family will not have a consistent cleaning and one that you can trust.  The one man shows are often inconsistent as the owner is managing everything and if they get sick, take vacation or are poor business operators everything falls apart.  With the cleaning franchises the point of care and quality of cleaning is unfailingly poor because often the franchises literally hire anyone.  We have heard horror stories from some of our customers in Magnolia Plantation ranging from the franchises not running proper background screening to the cleaning teams not showing up because they quit without warning and moved on to another employer.  Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we have a scalable, high touch standard cleaning check list that allows you to speak to me (the owner) at anytime while also giving you access to the progress of the cleaning and communication to your cleaning team members directly.  We have an App where you can track the progress of your service while it is happening and this app also allows you to get in touch with me or your team in real time!  We also provide you with an online dashboard where again you can add, change, reschedule and manage your profile with us thereby cutting through the communication that is needed to provide a great and consistent cleaning.
So there you have it, three points that you should consider when asking who the best cleaning company is in Magnolia Plantation. One last point I would like to make is that I live in Magnolia Plantation and I feel that my being within the neighborhood is a difference maker.  I take a lot of pride in the quality that my company provides families like yours and would be thrilled if you would consider us to meet your families cleaning needs.
If you would like a quote then please check out our Residential Cleaning Bidding Form that allows you to pick the date and services that you need.  If you have any questions or would like me to stop by your home to provide more personalized bidding then please do not hesitate to email me at ana@magnoliacleaningservice.com and we can find a time that works for me to stop by.

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