August 13, 2018

Which is the Best Cleaning Company in Lake Butler?

Best Cleaning Company in Lake Mary?
Which is the best Cleaning Company in Lake Mary?

Finding a trustworthy cleaning company can be challenging when there are so many options.

In the video below we give you three foolproof questions to ask so you can find the best cleaning company in Lake Butler.

Click here to visit the booking form for Magnolia Cleaning Service.  We will ask you some very basic questions and in 60 seconds you will be all set.  Be sure to include the coupon code: NewLakeButler to get 30% off your First Cleaning!

Here are the Three Foolproof Steps to Find the Best Cleaning Company in Lake Butler.

Trust and your Cleaning Company in Lake Butler

Checking the online reviews of the Cleaning Companies in Lake Butler that you are considering.  These reviews are just the first step in this process of finding the best but a critical step at that.  Here are links to the Magnolia Cleaning Service reviews for both Facebook and Google so you can do your homework on us:)

  • Does the Cleaning Company in Lake Butler run criminal background checks on their employees?  This is such an important step and one that you should not just assume.  This step costs a lot of money and takes time when hiring and so many “fly by night cleaning companies” will skip right on by. Insist on this being a policy of the cleaning company you hire! At Magnolia Cleaning Service ALL of our employees must complete a successful criminal background check and are regularly monitored throughout their employment.
  • Is the Cleaning Company in Lake Butler fully Insured, Bonded, pay Workers compensation and hire legally? You are looking for a company that does not cut corners and who takes the proper precautions to prevent undue risk on you and them.  Many of the Franchise Cleaning Companies find ways around these important “must haves” and the small one woman cleaning crews surely do not take these precautions.  If something goes wrong with a company that is not properly insured or who hires illegally then you and your property are at risk. You must have the pice of mind that in the event that an injury or breakage occurs on your premise that both you and the Cleaning Company have managed their risk properly.  Magnolia Cleaning pays Workers Compensation for all of our employees, ensures that all employees are legally eligible to work within the United State and that we have full Bonds and Insurance.  Here are copies to both:

So there ya have it, the three foolproof questions to ask when you are looking for the best cleaning company in Lake Butler.

At Magnolia Cleaning Service ALL of our systems are geared towards a cleaning experience that has your cleaning needs in the middle.  We provide you peace of mind to know that you can trust our values, employees and time in your home.

We would appreciate your business and hope that this article was helpful.  Please email or call if we can answer any additional questions, here is a link to all of our contact information: Contact Magnolia Cleaning Service

Relax Lake Butler and let us take care of the cleaning!

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