Yes!  There may be times where we can do a few easy request with any extra time that we have and this would be without incurring any extra cost.  Most of our customers add these small requests to their profile notes on our Magnolia Cleaning Service Iphone/Android app. you can do this on your First Time Cleaning or your homes maintenance cleanings.

We also have additional services from your Maids that you can request (Refrigerator Cleaning, etc) that can be added to any appointment where a small fee will apply.  These extra services can be found on our App (search for Magnolia Cleaning on the Apple App Store or Google Play), once you download the app you can add any of these services to any of your routine cleaning as both and add on continual request or a one time request.

Lastly- if you do not want to download the app or cannot figure out how to add these additional services just send us an email and we can add them for you 🙂  You can email us at office@magnoliacleaningservice.com

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