February 15, 2021

How can you find a great Maid Service for your home?

The best ways to find a great Maid Service where you live is to evaluate the quality of the cleaning companies employees.

In the video below we will review the steps that you should take to find a superior Maid Service. When you follow these steps, you will find a terrific Maid Service for your home and cleaning needs.

How Central Florida’s Premier Maid Service ensures quality by hiring the best of the best Maids for your home!

As you can see from the video, there are a number of steps to ensure that only the best people make it thru an on-boarding process.

The great Maid Services in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota know that high quality employees are key to having the best maids!

Lets break this down a bit more with some more specific practices that we follow.

New Employees and their journey to being great Maids

A top level Maid Service should also be in a position of being able to attract new applicants. These new employees are looking for stability of employment, ability to provide enough hours, highly competitive pay and other benefits.

Magnolia Cleaning Service rejects over 100 applicants before we find an individual that we want to hire

Because we only the best talent for our cleaning teams we can confidently commit to being Central Florida’s Premier 5 Star Residential Maid Service.

Core Value Matching

Throughout the employment screening and on boarding process, Magnolia Cleaning Service constantly asses the new hires ability to align to our Core Values. Having Core Values drives our hiring and promotional decisions. In fact, Harvard Business Review has a great article on Core Values and employee participation in their creation.

Ask the Maid Services you are considering what their Core Values are!

The Magnolia Cleaning Service Core Values are central to everything we do on a daily basis. Additionally, every employee of Magnolia Cleaning Service was involved in the creation of our Core Values. Because of this your Maids will be aligned to delivering on our 5 Star Cleaning Promise.

The Magnolia Cleaning Service Core Values are:

  • To be honest
  • Be Loyal
  • Be a Team-player
  • Take Pride
  • Be Happy

Interview Process we take to find the next great Maid!

The interview process for our Maids is quite extensive. As a result of our process we can find the best candidates in Central Florida who have great attitudes and want to learn.

Background Checks are critical

Everyone of our employees must satisfactorily complete a Criminal Background check as a condition to work for us.

Every Maid Service you consider must have a policy of completing Criminal Background checks on every employee!

For this reason we can commit that we only hire Maids with clean backgrounds and who are worthy of trust.

Training Programs are the final component

Each one of our new Maids completes an extensive new hire training program in their first 4 weeks. Specifically, our program ensures that each of our Maids are properly trained on safety protocols and our cleaning systems.

Our training is lead by our Field Manager and our Team Leads thereby ensuring consistency and quality checks throughout.

Be sure to ask the Maid Services you are considering how they train, hire and retain their employees The examples above will give you a strong understanding of our the next Maid Services intentionally create a culture. this culture along with a great attitude and compensation leads to a winning recipe for you and your cleaning team!

So these are some of the questions you should ask a maid service and components of a professionally run Maid Service. We hope you gained some value from this article.

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