April 22, 2020

What is Green Cleaning and Is It Effective?

Many families are looking for a Green Cleaning Maid Service for their homes. When a cleaning service advertises that they use the green cleaning methods, they are referring to the environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures that are meant to preserve human health and environmental quality. The technique of green cleaning avoids the use of toxic products.

You will also see that there are many cleaning companies in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota who advertise that they only use Green Cleaning Products and that these are more effective and safer than traditional cleaning products.

What is Green Cleaning?

The definition of Green Cleaning does not have an agreed upon standard or practice. Within the large landscape of cleaning products there are many companies that advertise that they are “Green” but have little to no 3rd party certification that their claims are true. To make things even more confusing there are claims of being “eco friendly”, all natural or that the products are bio-degradable.

There is also an emotional part of this argument, after all who would want to use products that are harmful to our family members while cleaning our homes? The reality though is that this a straw man argument that implies “green” is safe then a product that doesn’t advertise as being “green” is not.

This is the approach that many passionate green cleaning companies and products make and its implicaitons are simply false and mis leading.

Watch this video to learn more about what you need to know about Green Cleaning products and the Cleaning Companies within Central Florida that claim they are Green.

Are you considering a Green Cleaning Maid Service?

Who Decides what is a Green Product?

There is not a Third Party Association within the United States that places credentials that any State or Federal body acknowledges when it comes to certifying any cleaning product as “green”. The Environmental Protection Agency does have an ongoing study of “Safer Choice” products and many of these products we used regularly here at Magnolia Cleaning Service.

There are bodies that can, with a significant investment made by the manufacturer, certify that a product is Organic but this is a much different topic vs being “green”. When a product is labeled EPA Safer Choice, it means that the product is safer for human and animal health as well as safe for the environment.

Lastly you will find that there are a number of “bodies” and “working groups” that make recommendations as to a cleaning product being green. In every case there are competing recommendations, definitions and always the implication that not being green is not being safe.

Are Traditional Cleaning Products Safe to Use?

The use of any one cleaning product used in a small amount and with proper ventilation will not make you ill. Each cleaning product has specific instructions on contact with the agent (ex. Direct vs Indirect Skin contact when in use) but all commercially available cleaning products are safe. In fact, every product that you can buy at the grocery store has to go through rigorous testing to ensure consistency, safety and toxicity during use. The largest manufacturers are held to very strict standards and have been used for decades.

All of the employees at Magnolia Cleaning are professionally trained on when and how to use the traditional cleaning products such as bleach. There are situations in our customers homes, especially during an initial cleaning, that we have no choice but to use the traditional products to be able to eliminate mold or hard water. We use environmentally friendly products when we are maintaining a home, after the initial cleaning.

How You Can Minimize Toxins in Your Home

The question or minimization of toxin is really where much of this green cleaning debate should focus. Toxins can be found in every house and can be both man made or natural. In fact one of the most dangerous natural toxins in each of our homes are molds, fungi and dust. Below are a few ways to keep the toxins in your house under control:

  • Remove shoes when enter entering your house, “no shoe policy”.
  • Vacuum and dust your home frequently
  • Avoid cleaning products that have “fragrance”, I know… we all love the smell of “clean”, but actually clean has no smell. The added fragrance are chemicals added to the product to give you the feeling of clean.
  • Keep filters clean on heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.
  • Keep bathrooms dry, be on the look out for mold.

Minimization vs Elimination

As it relates to toxins with cleaning products the focus should be one of minimization not elimination. Let me explain. When any of us follow the instructions for any of the popular and widely available window, countertop, shower, toilet and floor cleaners there are specific instructions of use and how and when to dilute. Both the air and physical contact instructions are clearly labeled and again have been studies rigorously throughly the Federal and State regulatory boards. If you look at the back of any of the labels they clearly state how to use the product. Always make sure that when you are cleaning there is good ventilation and do not mix cleaning products!

What About Allergies or Other Health Concerns?

Additionally we do have customers who have allergies, are sensitive to some odors and who may have extremely compromised immune systems. In cases such as these the products that we use, the procedures that our cleaners follow and the preferences of the customer are all discussed well in advance. In these cases it is important to avoid a product or to approach the cleaning from a different angle. This again is not suggesting that green cleaning products would be used but does focus on minimization or irritants and expose due to extenuating circumstances.

Safe, Proven and Always Looking for Better!

The good news is that all of the products that Magnolia Cleaning Service uses are safe, effective and proven. Additionally we are always on the look out for better and safer products and often integrate new products to perform to our high standards.

If you have any questions regarding the products we use we would love to discuss them with you. Additionally, as we prepare to onboard every new customer we always review the preferences, products to be used and desires of our customers.

Having a clean and healthy home is a mission that we are passionate about and we hope you found this article helpful was you learn more about your options.

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