May 20, 2019

How much should you tip your Maid?

How much should you tip your Maid?

We get asked all the time by our customers how much they should tips their maids. Let;’s start out my saying that tipping in any form is not expected and of course should be earned. This rule applies not only to your maids when they are cleaning your home but also any service oriented job.

When our customers tip their maids it is generally 10-15% of the price of your cleaning. Know that our Maids are compensated in full by Magnolia Cleaning Service and they certainly do not expect nor should ever solicit a tip. Most often our customers will tip our Maids when they provide a cleaning that is above and beyond, a cleaning that is around the holiday time or when they request a much more detailed Deep Cleaning of their home.

In conclusion, tipping your Maid Service is something that is not expected but is always appreciated. Your gesture is often motivation for our Maids to give you a bit more TLC as our cleaners often take this as a confirmation of your appreciation and of their doing a great job. Again, tipping is not expected and when done properly can be a great motivational gesture to the teams that you are trusting to clean your home.

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