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August 3, 2019

What is included in a Maid Service Deep Cleaning?

What is included in a Maid Service Deep Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning your home every 6 months is a best practice for every home. The seasons bring in extra grim and dirt that can accumulate and you have to have a plan to stay ahead of it. This is where Deep Cleanings from your Maid Service come in to play.

Deep Cleaning Checklists can vary by Maid Service

Before you have a Maid Service do a Deep Cleaning on your home be sure to ask them for a list of what is included in their Deep Cleaning. Every quality Maid Service will be able to easily provide you this so you can compare a Deep Cleaning with say their more regular Standard Cleaning Checklist. If you have had Maid Services clean your home in the past you will know that the checklist of Deep Cleaning tasks can vary!

In the video below we review everything you need to know when asking “What is included in a Maid Service Deep Cleaning”?

We also review the additional steps that Magnolia Cleaning Service takes when we tackle a Deep Cleaning versus a regular Standard cleaning for your home.

Here are two links to the checklists that we use at Magnolia Cleaning Service for our Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning jobs.

Request Additional Services too!

One last point that can lower the price of your Maid Service and Deep Cleaning is if you have your cleaners regularly complete additional services. These additional services help maintain your homes cleanliness and allows for a cadence of cleaning that is a bit more than just “normal”. These additional services can include doing your dishes, bed sheets, cleaning the refrigerator and oven, etc. Having a Maid Service complete these extra tasks for you is a huge time saver and will help in ultimately keeping your home at a higher level of cleanliness and maintenance.

At Magnolia Cleaning Service we try to customize our customers’ cleaning experience. Before we clean our customers homes for the first time we run through a consultation where we can identify and add some extra requests and “touches”. Each one of us has preferences and areas of our homes that need some extra TLC – try to identify these upfront. When these TLC requests are completed regularly they cut back on what is needed when we complete your Semi Annual Deep Cleaning.

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