July 16, 2020

Is it safe to have a Maid Service during COVID 19?

Every day with prospective customers we are asked if it is safe having a Maid Service during COVID 19.

This is a family decision and one where there are very good reasons on both sides of the argument.

We wanted to write an article on the steps that we are taking as a professional Maid Service in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota to ensure the both the safety of our Customers and Maids.

Why you should continue your Maid Service during COVID 19

Click on the video below where we review the reasons for and against hiring a Maid Service during COVID 19.

As the video outlined there are many benefits to hiring a Maid Service during these times.

Let’s now dig in a bit deeper in to each of the points…

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

It is always important to properly sanitize and disinfect the rooms and appliances within your home but during COVID 19 is is even more so!

Remember, a professional Maid Service is trained to use the proper disinfectants and procedures to not only ensure a visually clean appearance but also a sanitization.

If you would like to read more on the difference between Sanitizing and Disinfecting your home during COVID 19 click here: What is the Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting?

Cleaning High Touch Areas

One of the benefits of having a Maid Service during COVID 19 is that you can ensure that all of the most common high touch areas of your house will be regularly cleaned and wiped down.

High Touch areas of your house include:

  • Stair Rails
  • All interior and exterior Door Knobs
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Faucets
  • Flushing Handles

The cumulative benefit of having professional cleaners staying on top of this COVID 19 recommendation by the CDC is important.

After all if you don’t have a Maid Service during COVID 19 cleaning your home then someone will have to do it!

PPC for all Maids

When you are considering having a Maid Service come back in to your home do ensure that whomever you hire can commit to proper PPC for all of their employees. It is important the the Maid Service commits to their employees wearing these not only on the job but also anytime the Maids are in a group s setting (Breaks, Lunchtime, commuting, etc).

Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service all of our Maids where PPC during before and in-between our jobs. This extra precaution is important as the transmission of COVID 19 has been traced to aerosol droplets.

Temperature Checks!

Having regular temperature checks for yoru family and any cleaning service you hire is very important. A fever is one of the first signs of potential COVI 19 infection.

The Maids at Magnolia Cleaning Service all must check their temperature before the workday and at the end. We have protocols that they must follow if they are not feeling well and this starts with not coming in to work that day and the potential for an extended time away from the field and our clients.

Any Maid Service that you hire should be able to communicate to you their protocol for ensuring that their Maids are not ill nor have temperatures.

Proper Social Distancing

Your Maid Service must have a proper social distancing policy while cleaning homes. This should include not only the normalized distance between employees but also between the Maids and customers while the cleaning is being completed.

Cleaning Equipment is Disinfected and Sanitized

All of the cleaning equipment that your Maids use should be cleaned before, after and during the cleanings. Taking regular steps at intervals like this is important so as cross contamination and general sanitization standards can be met. Because of these steps and the benefits that can be gained by having a Maid Service during COVID 19 we feel strongly that Maid Services are essential.

So these some of the steps that a professional Maid Service should be taking in this COVID 19 environment. We can all agree that cleaning ones home is important and certainly more so during a pandemic like COVID.

Having regular cleanings allows for frequent intervals of disinfecting and sanitizing. This practice is important and allows for a more healthy and happy home for all!

If you live in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota and are looking for a great Maid Service we would love to talk to you!

You can find reviews from some of our customer here and all of our contact information is down below this article.

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