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August 12, 2019

Maid Service Fees – What to expect and what to know!

Maid Service Fees – What to expect and what to know!

It is not easy to compare Maid Services Fees between cleaning companies so you can get a more accurate picture of what your homes final price is. Sometimes Maid Service fees are very legitimate as they bring extra customization to your homes cleaning. Other times though, the devil is in the small print. Have no fear, we have your answers here!

In this quick video we walk you through everything you need to understand when looking through the Maid Service fees. We also show you the how the cleaning company will look at cleaning your home and how this may effect the fee structure.

Key factors of Maid Service Fees

  1. Your homes square footage
  2. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms (half baths too!)
  3. Do you need additional services? (Dishes, sheets)
  4. Pets in the home?
  5. Have you had a past cleaning company? If so, when was the last time they cleaned your home?
  6. What is the general “state of the home”?

Goal #1: Get your home to a 5 Star Level as fast as possible

When you have a Maid Service clean your home their goal should be to get your home to a 5 Star Level as fast as possible. Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we try to do this if not on the first visit then definitely by the second. The first reason for this is when your home is at a high level state then it is easier for us to work through the other less obvious aspects of cleaning your home. The second reason is when your home is at a 5 Star Level then you will ultimately be able to have more time to relax, spend with your family and enjoy your home and if you are like most of our customer THAT is why you hired a Maid Service in the first place!

Goal #2: Have a frequency of cleaning that allows your home to stay at a 5 Star Level in-between cleanings

Many people select the frequency of their cleaning based on what they “think” would be reasonable for a Maid Service to be in their home. We would like to challenge that! The real answer to frequency is ask how much time will it take to have my homes cleanliness decline to a place where I need the service back in? When you start with the goal first then the answer to how frequently a Maid Service should clean becomes much more clear!

So in the video I promised a link the Magnolia Cleaning Service booking page where all of our potential customer add the variables that drive their fee. You can find that here: Magnolia Cleaning Service Booking Page. Click on the booking page and have a look around, the more you are educated on what a professional Maid Service asks about the quicker you will be able to find a great cleaning company to service you and your family!

I also promised to show you some of the additional services that Magnolia Cleaning Service offers so you can get a better idea of what a professional Maid Service can do for you.

Magnolia Cleaning Service Extra Services
Magnolia Cleaning Service Extra Services

In conclusion, when you look at the various Maid Service that are offering to clean your home it is important to understand their fee structure. Specially ask the Maid Service for a list of what they are going to include in their cleaning and if you have them request pricing for any additional services or customizations. You know you have a great fit when the Maid Services you speak to clearly show you what is included and also allow for adding in any of your additional requests while still having the bid be competitive.

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