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September 2, 2019

Maid Service Reviews | The Good, Bad and Ugly

Maid Service Reviews: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Reviews from a Maid Services present customers is an important way to asses the quality of a potential Maid Services you are considering.

Before we get too in to the positives of looking through reviews do know that there are Maid Services that misrepresent their reviews even when on legitimate platforms such as Facebook and Google.

An unscrupulous company can easily hire outside services to leave reviews on their profile and these false reviews can be tough to spot at times.

What the video below to get a full understanding of how to find the best Maid Services with legitimate reviews

How to find Maid Services with Reviews:

  1. Go to Google

    Either search for a specific Maid Service or use a generic term like “Maid Service” to find a list of cleaning companies to consider. Remember, if these reviews have not been “Google Verified” from Google Guarantee then some of these make be fake reviews.

  2. Once you have identified a list of Maid Services from Google go to Facebook and search for the specific cleaning companies you are considering.

    Only consider Maid Services that actually have a Facebook Page and click on the top navigation bar to scan through some of the reviews. Any review that is left from a “customer” who is out of the service area for the company should be tossed from consideration.

  3. Call the Maid Services that pass the first two steps!

    Ultimately you are looking for a Maid Service that you can trust and that understands the importance of having a Customer centric approach to their cleanings. Call them and pay attention to how helpful the person on the other end is. Do they speak clearly and are they a professional at answering your questions?

  4. Maid Services who have Reviews is just part of the answer!

    Reviews are very important but you must find a company that has more. Be more demanding of who you choose and don’t just settle for a company that has a number of good reviews. The best Maid Services are professionals both on the phone and in person. Reviews are important but we would encourage you to pick up the phone and take the extra time to find the best Maid Service in your city!

Below you will find a screenshot of some of the reviews from Magnolia Cleaning Service of Central Florida.

Magnolia Cleaning Service Reviews:

Magnolia Cleaning Service customer reviews

Of particular note from some of these reviews is how our customers are identifying the professionalism of their Maids and also how our cleaning teams take a Customer first approach.

You are hiring a Maid Service to clean so you don’t have to

Don’t settle and when you want the best Maid Service in your city as many family owned cleaning companies such as Magnolia Cleaning Service can customize an approach so you will never have to!

If you want to see more of the reviews from our customers click here: Magnolia Cleaning Service Reviews

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