August 31, 2018

Which Cleaning Company is the best in Maitland?

Best Cleaning Company in Maitland?
Who is the Best Cleaning Company in Maitland?

When you are looking for a new Cleaning Company in Maitland it’s natural to ask, “Which Cleaning Company in Maitland is the Best?“.

Finding a Cleaning Company in Maitland that you can trust to work in your home can be difficult and you have to consider many variables in addition to the price and quality of their work.

Click on the video below where we review the Top Three factors you need to consider when asking, “Which Cleaning Company in Maitland is the Best?

Click here to visit the booking form for Magnolia Cleaning Service.  We will ask you some very basic questions and in 60 seconds you will be all set.  Be sure to include the coupon code: NewMaitland to get 30% off your First Cleaning!

When you are looking for a new cleaning company in Maitland there are three important factors that you should consider.

Can you trust the Cleaning Company?

First, check the companies online reviews and see what their present customers are saying.  Reviews should speak loud and clear to the integrity and trust that you need to make your decision. Here are links to the Magnolia Cleaning Service reviews for both Facebook and Google so you can do your homework on us:)

Be sure to confirm with the cleaning companies in Maitland that you are considering if they background check ALL of their employees.  This is a critical step and one that is terribly important.  Many companies will cut corners on costs as this is expensive and time consuming.  The quality cleaning companies know not to look past this important hiring and firing policy.  At Magnolia Cleaning Service ALL of our employees must complete a successful criminal background check and are regularly monitored throughout their employment.

Insurance, Bonding, Workers Compensation Insurance and proper State and County certifications are imperative when looking for the best cleaning companies.  Small Mom and Pop cleaning company and even the larger Franchises can and do cut corners here.  You must have the pice of mind that in the event that an injury or breakage occurs on your premise that both you and the Cleaning Company have managed their risk properly.  Magnolia Cleaning pays Workers Compensation for all of our employees, ensures that all employees are legally eligible to work within the United State and that we have full Bonds and Insurance.  Here are copies to both:

Magnolia Cleaning Service Bond

Magnolia Cleaning Service Insurance

Second, Communication and first impressions are everything when considering a new Cleaning Company.  Look at the companies website (if they even have one!) and ask yourself if it is up to date, professional and presents their values.  Send an email or call the cleaning company and see what the response time is.  Ultimately if the cleaning company is non responsive or not professional in their appearance then know they surely will be the same if you were to be one of their customers.  Here at Magnolia Cleaning we have multiple methods to reach our management. Our response time to email, phone calls and texts is minutes not days and if you were to be one of our customers we confirm every cleaning before we show up, allow you to reschedule at anytime and provide you will real time check in and checkouts in the event that you are not home when we are cleaning.

Lastly, To be the best cleaning company in Maitland you must have high standards and consistency week in and week out. Ask the cleaning companies you are considering for their Standard House Cleaning and Deep Cleaning checklists.  I included links above to each of them for Magnolia Cleaning and when a cleaning company has these ready for you, then you know that they have a quality standard that they expect of themselves when they visit your home.

At Magnolia Cleaning Service ALL of our systems are geared towards a cleaning experience that has your cleaning needs in the middle.  We provide you piece of mind to know that you can trust our values, employees and time in your home.

Neighborhoods in Maitland that we are presently providing house cleaning services in:

Bel Aire North, Branch Tree, Bretton Woods, Brittany Gardens, Carrington Park, Delroy Park, Dommerich Estates and Dommerich Hills, Downtown, Druid Hill, Estates, Druid Hills Park, Florida Haven, Forest Brook, Gem Lake, Green Oaks, Greenwood Gardens, Hidden Estates, Hollieanna Shores, Lake Ave, Lake Faith, Lake Seminary, Lake Sybelia, Lakewood Cir, Lakewood Shores, Maitland, Minnehaha Shores, Minnehaha Southwest, Oakland Shores, Palm Cove, Park Lake Townhouses & Villas, Stonewood, Sunbay, The Oaks and Terra Place, The Village at Lake Lily, Versailles, Villas of Lake Destiny, Visconti East, Wellington, Windgrove, Windsor Park, Winfield

We would appreciate your business and hope that this article was helpful.  Please email or call if we can answer any additional questions, here is a link to all of our contact information: Contact Magnolia Cleaning Service

Relax Best Cleaning Company Maitland
Relax Best Cleaning Company Maitland

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