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July 29, 2019

Why You Should Never Hire Your Maid Service on Craigslist

Why You Should Never Hire Your Maid Service on Craigslist

Finding a trustworthy Maid Service can be confusing as often there are many choices.

In this video I review the key points you must consider when choosing a Maid Service and also outline a couple reasons why you should never hire your Maid Service on Craigslist.

Key Points: Craigslist Maid Services

  1. Craigslist does not have criteria for who is allowed to post for services. What this means to you is that anyone can say they are a Maid Service and not knowing anything other than this dangerous.
  2. Craigslist does not provide any Criminal Background checks for the cleaning services that post on their website. Trusting any party who cannot be completely verified with these measures can be very costly.
  3. Having proper Bonding and Insurance coverage is critical for any service provider that enters your home. Legally you as the Homeowner are responsible in the event of injury, damage or theft so be sure to only work with Maid Services that can prove their coverage with these important items.
  4. Oftentimes less professional cleaners (think Craigslist or Angies List hired help) will add on after their initial bid thereby “stuffing” the bid with extra fees.
  5. Lastly, Craigslist does not verify the employment eligibility of the individuals that post for their cleaning services. Again legally speaking you as the homeowner must be able to verify the eligibility of any service provider you hire.

The good news is there are so many very reputable Maid Services that you can find easily within your city or town.

We recommend you call each Cleaning Service you are considering and ask that they walk you through how they verify their employees and to ensure that the Maid Service is covered with proper Bonding and insurance.

Trust your gut when speaking to the Maid Services you are considering

A great Maid Service will gladly walk you through how they onboard new customers and also be able to answer all of your questions confidently.

You can also use this discussion to outline any additional services you may need such as doing the dishes, changing sheets and any other preferences that you may have.

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