April 28


April 28, 2018

Orlando Cleaning Company

“Who is the best Orlando Cleaning Company?”


There are a couple “must ask” requirements when you look for and Orlando Cleaning Company.
“Is that the Orlando cleaning company fully insured and bonded?”  Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we have all of the proper local and State certifications that cleaning companies are required to have.  Magnolia Cleaning Service is also fully insured and bonded so in the event of an accident or damage our customers can feel comfortable that we took the proper steps to protect their homes and valuables.  
Another important factor that differentiates the best Orlando Cleaning Companies  are fully insuring and licensing all of the cleaning team members. There are many cleaning companies in Orlando that do not use legal employees and often pay them “under the table”.  This quite simply puts you and your home at risk.  If, heaven forbid, there were an accident, then any insurance policy will not cover a cleaning team member who is not legally eligible to work nor one who is not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.  At Magnolia Cleaning Service every single cleaning team member is fully insured, is covered by our Workers Compensation Policies and is legal to work in the State of Florida. 
One additional question that is necessary to consider when looking for a great Orlando Cleaning Company is,Are the employees who come in to your house background checked?  It takes a lot of time and money to take the necessary steps to screen applicants for Criminal Background checks and regular Drug Screening.
Orlando Cleaning Company
Orlando Cleaning Company
At Magnolia Cleaning Service all of our employees have past a Criminal Background check and regularly take Drug Tests.  We feel that you as a Customer and we as a service provider simply cannot employ nor trust anyone who cannot pass these two simple requirements.  Simply put, many of our competitors in Orlando do not take these steps and we feel strongly that this factor alone should take them off the list of Orlando Cleaning Companies.
Lastly when considering the cleaning companies in Orlando there is no substitute for positive reviews and current customer testimonials.  You can find the Magnolia Cleaning Service Facebook reviewer here and the Google Reviews here.  As you can see we have many happy customers and many of them feel we are the best cleaning company they have had clean their homes. Providing a high quality and consistent cleaning is imperative when considering the best cleaning company in Orlando.  You can feel confident that Magnolia Cleaning Service delivers on this promise and will not let you and your family down.
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