April 19, 2020

Should I pick up before the Maid Service arrives?

We are often asked if it is a requirement to pick up before the maid service arrives to clean a home.

The short answer is no… but you should. There are some very good reasons to do so! Let’s get in to this a bit more…

At Magnolia Cleaning Service we do have customers who want extra help decluttering rooms such as the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms before their standard cleaning begins.

Click on the video below to get a better understanding of why you should declutter and communicate frequently with your Maid Service.

We also included a tip to save money in the long run!

Everything you need to know about decluttering before your cleaning team arrives.

In the video we talked about what the best practice is when tidying up and cleaning before maid service arrives.

Set Expectaitons Up Front

The importance of setting decluttering expectations up front with your cleaning company cannot be emphasized enough. If you expect them to declutter or put away items tell them this before your first cleaning. Additionally try to be as honest as you can on what the state of your home will be week in and week out.

It is important to know that the largest driver of the cost of your cleaning and quality of your cleaning is the labor.

There is always an allocated time to clean a home, when you expect your maids to declutter your home before they start cleaning, they will need to cut back on the time they take to actually CLEAN your home. If the house is not “picked up” before the cleaning team arrives, the quality and the workflow of the cleaning may be affected.

Set Expectations Up Front

When we are doing a consultation call with our new customers, we always ask what is the condition of the house and the amount of traffic it has. We want to know what their specific needs are and if someone will pick up before maid service arrives. Some of our customers need us to pick up or tidy up their homes before we start cleaning and some want us to concentrate ONLY on cleaning and they “pick up the clutter” before the cleaning team arrives. As you might expect, not everyone has the same definition of clean, tidy or organized so oftentimes we need to build a relationship through multiple cleanings to really understand what they fully expect and what they feel is a high quality cleaning is.

No one likes surprises and when it comes to building trust with your Maid Service be sure to tell them what state their home will be when the cleaning team arrives.

Communication is extremely important to make sure you get the value of the labor you are paying the maids to do in your home.

An example, if you had a party over the weekend and your kitchen and bathrooms had a lot of heavy traffic. This means that the cleaning team would have to pay extra attention to the rooms that were used during the party and clutter that was left behind. The customer should communicate to the cleaning team BEFORE they arrive so they have a game plan to clean the home since it is not just a maintenance cleaning and it will take extra time to get it back to a 5 Star Standard.

Avoid Surprises

Of course, we all have weeks and times during the year where our homes get particularly cluttered. Often the difficulty comes when there is no communication that the house is less organized than normal yet the exception of a high quality cleaning with the same time and cost constraints do not change.

Be sure to communicate to your cleaning company on what they can expect before they get there that way they can prepare and still provide a great cleaning to you!

Try not to hijack the workflow of the cleaning team

It is important that we know what you expect and that you also understand that adding requests can also add to the cost of cleaning your home. Time is money.

Issues of course arise when you expect a part of your cleaning such as “put away” when the Maid Service either was not aware of this request or did not agree to it.

This is often in addition to the expected cleaning that we would provide. When we have this as a request it is best to let us know up front. When we are aware of this we can prepare the teams and set expectations with your cleaning team. This up front conversation is also important so we understand exactly what your exact cleaning needs are and if this includes decluttering and putting items away, which take time away from the actual cleaning.

Areas to pick up before maid service arrives

  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Food on Kitchen Countertops
  • Wash your dishes: Clear them
  • Clothes on the floor
  • Everyday clutter
  • Kids Toys
  • Pet waste and toys

Save money and time in the long run

There are times when one of our customers in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota will ask a maid ask during the cleaning to do extra picking up or decluttering. This is discouraged as it is both distracting to the quality of the work that the cleaning team member has to focused on. More importantly though, this will put the cleaning behind schedule and can effect the outcome of your cleaning if the team cannot complete everything that is expected with your cleaning. It can also raise the cost of the future cleanings.

It is generally a best practice pick up before maid service arrives and to “tidy up” and de-clutter. This will allow the maids to spend more time cleaning and focus on disinfecting your home.

A clean home is a healthy home!

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