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September 2, 2020

Why you Should Pay More For A Professional Maid Service [VIDEO]

What should you be paying for a Maid Service and why should you pay more for a professional Maid Service?

There are many facets to hiring a Maid Service to clean your home

Trust, Consistency of the cleaning and Professionalism are all very important factors to deciding which Maid Service is right for your home.

Price is also a deciding factor for many of us as we choose the best Maid Service for our homes needs.

In this article we are going to discuss the variables that effect the quote you will receive from cleaning companies and why you should actually pay more for your Maid Service!

Why should you actually pay more for your Maid Service?

Professional Maid Services also have multiple quality checks for their cleaning teams to follow that ensure consistency and high quality cleanings for your home.

Let’s dig in to these differentiators that the professional Maid Services focus on…

Professional Maid Services


A professional Maid Service will always take the extra steps to ensure that the Maids and your home are safe and free of injury and damage. This includes providing on site training for the materials and situations that are most likely to cause injury. Great Maid Services also have proper insurance and bonding in the event of an injury.

When a Maid Service does not have proper insurance or bonding then you, the homeowner assumes all liability. Do not cut corners by hiring a Maid Service that cannot provide both documents thereby giving you piece of mind.

Don’t Hire Contractors

There are generally two types of Maids that will be cleaning homes for the many Maid Services in Central Florida. These types are 1099 Contractors and the other being true Employees.

The facts are that any 1099 Contracted Maid will simply not be able to provide the same consistency, attention to detail and care for your home that a fully insured and trained employee will. Oftentimes websites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List use contract cleaners for their cleaning jobs.

Be sure to ask any Maid Service you are considering what type of Maids they will be using to clean your home, avoid any that use contractors to clean your home (1099’s).

Quality Assurance Measures

It is difficult to provide consistent cleanings for your home week in and week out. Often Customers will also have very specific needs and requests for the extra touches within each cleaning.

The facts are easy here, professional Maid Services pull away from the rest when they can explain to you the systems, processes and quality checks that each one of their cleaning teams must check off before completing your home.

Without this safeguard of quality checks you will be left with poor quality and inconsistent cleanings. If this sounds familiar then it is time to find a new Maid Service (Hint: Magnolia Cleaning Service would love to speak to you!)

Consistent Cleaning

When you were looking for a great maid service for your home you will notice that only the professional maid services will commit a money back guarantee to their cleanings.

A truly professional Maid Service spends multiples of hours training their employees on quality standards and double checks. Each home they clean has Check Out Process that the cleaning teams follow to ensure that nothing is missed.

Inconsistent cleanings is the largest factor that drives people to find a new Maid Service.

Professional Maid Services understand this and structure all of their processes and trainings around being able to deliver 5 Star Consistent cleanings every single time.

Cutting Corners

Labor and supplies are two of the most significant factors that drive each homes cleaning bid. A Maid Service that is trying to be the “lowest cost” Maid Service in your town without question is cutting corners on labor and or supplies.

When the cleaning teams rush to finish your cleaning then the details will be missed and ultimately you will be frustrated.

Another area where a cleaning lady or less professional Maid Service will cut corners is with carrying proper certifications and insurance coverage.

You do not have to look hard to find new articles where homeowners are liable for any injury, claim of harassment or damage when hiring an uninsured cleaning lady or Maid Service.

Quality of Cleaning Supplies

Most Maid Services will include the supplies to properly clean your home in their quote. When you have multiple cleaning teams working every day you can justify buying in bulk and thereby saving a bit of money when compared to a single home owner.

Yet, unscrupulous Maid Services will dilute and misrepresent the quality and safety of the cleaning products that they use. We speak to homeowners every day who are frustrated with the streaks, residue or staining that the previous Maid Service left behind. All of these frustrations are avoidable when you choose a proven and professional Maid Service.

Yet again a professional Maid Service will use the highest quality products for your cleaning and will never dilute or misrepresent the quality or safety of their products.

Professional Wages

It is common knowledge in the service industry is the quality of the employee, and your ability to retain them, is directly related to the employees wages. Professional Maid Services will often have higher pay then their market average as well as other additional perks and benefits. The lesser Maid Services will try to get buy with less skilled employees that are willing to work for wages much lower then their peers.

Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we take great pride that our starting pay for our Maids is 20% above our city averages. In addition we offer a number of additional benefits to our employees which helps us retain and attract only the best!

You get what you pay for

The adage of you get what you pay for certainly applies to who you hire to clean your home. We have heard all sorts of disaster scenarios with experiences that some of our customers have had with other Maid Services.

Everyone has budgets for household maintenance and matching a company to service your home while also fitting your budget is important.

If you have a limited budget our recommendation is to still hire a professional Maid Service like Magnolia Cleaning Service but to push the frequency out to Bi Weekly or Monthly. When you do this you are still committing to a company that will provide you a 5 Star cleaning while also balancing the cost.

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