Let's get to the 5 Questions

 You Need to Ask Every Maid Service

No More Settling!

  Ask these questions below and let the best Maid Services show themselves!   

So here are the questions I mentioned in the video,  they are important so be sure to write them down. 

Remember, these questions are designed to address trust, quality,  consistency & risk.  The Maid Services you ask will at times hesitate or say "let me check on that".  This is a GOOD thing as these are signs that you need to move on and cross them off the list! Better to save time now then find out later after you get frustrated that this company is no good.  

Again, write these down so you can have them handy as you are calling : 

  1. TRUST: Do you Criminally Background check ALL of your employees? 
  2. PROCESS AND CONSISTENCY: What process do you follow every single cleaning to ensure quality and consistency? (Pro Tip: Be sure to download the Magnolia Cleaning Service Standard Checklist below so you can use that as a reference for what they should speak or reference!)
  3. RISK: Is your company fully insured and bonded and are your Maids covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?
  4. VERIFY: Can you provide me three references that I can call and speak to? (Of course it's all up to you if you do in fact call them, working with a company that quickly has these and is willing to send them is the point!).
  5. EXTRA VERIFICATION: Are all of your Maids verified and eligible to work within the United States? The reason for this question is to ensure that the company's insurance and bonding will properly cover any damage or injury.  Oftentimes insurance will not cover ineligible workers so you get a "Yes" above but they send an unverified Maid to your home - then the coverage policies will be null and voided thereby sending all the risk and liability your way.  
  6. YOUR HOMEWORK: What problem are you trying to get the Maid Service to solve?

TIP!! There are many different types of Maid Services: One Person "Under The Table" (You assume all risk), Franchise (Think McDonald's with a lot of staff turn over and poor quality but cheap!) and Family Owned Professional Maid Services (Where Quality and Consistency meet).  

Know which type you are speaking to before you call! 

Want a copy of the Magnolia Cleaning Service Standard Checklist?

Here is the Magnolia Cleaning Service Standard Checklist that we follow for everyone of our Customers in Orlando. Before our Maids leave their homes they must check  out by using this list (think consistency). 

During the initial consultation we build additional and more personalized requests from each of our customers to that each and every time our Maids perform to the Standard and Personlized requests (think quality). 


Getting Back Time 

 is one of the most frequent reasons that working families in Orlando hire Magnolia Cleaning Service.

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What People Are Saying About Magnolia Cleaning Service

Maid Service Headshot

They are professionals who take great pride in their work and it shows."

"A clean home is very important to me. It was a big stress tying to work, raise kids and manage it on my own. So I literally have spent years looking for a cleaning company up to my standards. None have come close... Having been in the industry myself, I know what to look for and what to look out for. I am so relieved to say that Magnolia Cleaning supersedes my high expectations. These are not just people who are only interested in collecting a paycheck. They are professionals who take great pride in their work and it shows. A great company begins from the top down and the way this business is run is top notch. It reflects in the employees and their work. So, so happy I finally found them!!"

Mary M.
Magnolia Cleaning Service Customer Orlando Florida
Maid Service Customer

I trust the teams that come into my home"

“Magnolia Cleaning provides an outstanding service. Not only does my house feel amazing after they have cleaned, the owners, are very engaged in their business and only want to provide the best service possible. Their customer service is exceptional. I trust the teams that come into my home and highly recommend Magnolia Cleaning Service."

Samantha A.
Magnolia Cleaning Service Customer Tampa Florida
Maid Service Customer

It is clean, fresh and every little detail is taken care of"

“Professional, friendly and amazing staff. Everyone is such a pleasure to work with. They also do a fantastic job cleaning. Every time we walk into our home we have a sigh of relief. It is clean, fresh and every little detail is taken care of. The presentation of the home goes a long way (i.e. the way they make the bed, the way they lay out the throw blankets, the way they fold the paper towels and toilet paper... every little detail, amazing)."

Sean B. M.D.
Magnolia Cleaning Service Customer Sarasota Florida

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