April 5


April 5, 2020

Sanitize vs Disinfect: Is your Maid Service cleaning your home properly?

Do you know the difference between Sanitizing and Disinfecting your home?

Sanitizing and disinfecting your home is important to the overall health and safety of your family.

This is certainly even more so the case with the present spread of COVID-19 in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota.

In the last couple weeks with all of the concern over COVID-19 in Central Florida we have been inundated with questions regarding the virus from our customers and from people considering Magnolia Cleaning Service and our cleanings as essential during this pandemic.

We share your concern over the COVID-19 virus and its spread in Central Florida.

Below is a video we made that will help provide some insight on how a great Maid Service can assist in providing a safer and cleaner living environment for you and your family.

Click on the video above to learn more about the differences between sanitizing and disinfecting your home. We also tell you how to find the best Maid Service and how they can clean your home properly to kill viruses and bacteria.

As we outlined in the video above knowing the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting your home is very important. This importance is heightened if you have family members with certain commodities or compromised immune systems.

In summary, sanitizing your home is an approach of cleaning that will help you on a maintenance basis to stay clean and maintain an environment that is germ free. Where as a disinfecting approach is one that we recommend each one of you take now by using products that are designed to kill viruses and bacteria. These disinfecting type products for your home include bleach, Lysol and other products that have a specific purpose and have been proven in the past to be safe to kill viruses and bacteria in your home. Your efforts should be focused on frequently touched areas of your home including door knobs, cabinet handles, door bells, toilet handles and countertops that multiple parties within your family come in contact with.

Lastly, once we are in a comfortable distance from the COVID-19 virus in Central Florida, and we are able to begin our regular cleanings for our customers, we will be recommending Deep Cleaning and focusing on disinfecting the common areas.

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