April 28, 2020

What Type of Properties Do You Specialize In?

When you are looking for a new Maid Service for your home it is important to understand that there are many types of cleaning companies. When you work with a cleaning company that specializes in a niche then your partner will better be able to address all of your cleaning needs while also having a specialized training structure, quality assurance and pricing structure.

Magnolia Cleaning specializes in Residential Cleaning. That’s all we do and every part off of Go to Market planning is focused on delivering the highest quality residential cleaning in an efficient, cost effective and professional manner.

Types of Cleaning Companies

  • Residential Cleaning Company
  • Commercial Business Cleaning Company
  • Medical Cleaning
  • General Janitorial Cleaners

When you hire a professional residential cleaning service, this company will focus their employee training, compensation, customer pricing and quality assurance systems to solve for the cleaning needs that families most often have with their homes.

There are cleaning companies that do both residential cleaning and commercial. What you will find when partnering with these types of cleaning companies is that the struggle to do both types of cleaning well because they are trying to be everything to everybody.

Often these “hybrid” cleaning companies are trying to diversify to commercial because they struggled as a residential cleaning expert. When speaking to companies that do both commercial and residential cleaning you must ask them why you will be their focus and how they will stand by their quality.

We can see the value of specializing skills and company mission in other areas of life. For example Nike does not focus on owning Gyms because they specie in apparel and shoes.

Does Chick-fil-A make pizzas?

Can they? Sure they can but the reality is they are experts at making chicken sandwiches and all of their quality measures are focused on delivering on this mission. This same point of course carries over to any business that chooses to specialize vs generalize their market offering.

Specialists will have the intimate knowledge of the services they provide and are able to accommodate the specific demands of your home. We are able to provide our customers superior value over companies that generalize in the cleaning field. We are experts!

Why is it important to find a Specialized Cleaning Service?

When you hire a maid service, you are hiring people to come into your home so you absolutely want them to be professionals and well trained on what they are doing! At Magnolia Cleaning we are residential cleaning experts; this type of cleaning is all we do!

The Maid Services you are considering for your home should solely focus on residential cleaning.

When you work with a specialist who only works on homes all the employees should be background checked and go through an extensive training.

The specialists will also have ongoing performance-quality checks for each employee to make sure they are well trained in the use of equipment, supplies and quality driven processes. This ongoing training keeps employees abreast of new cleaning techniques and technologies. This is why it is so important to hire a specialist.

Learn more about residential cleaners by watching the video below

Benefits of Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service

There are many benefits when hiring cleaning company that specializes in residential cleaning:

Accountability – Must be bonded and insured for both property damage and liability. All employees need to be background checked and covered by workers compensation. Another aspect of accountability is having a quality audits and sending emails to customers to rate their services and monitor the customer’s satisfaction with the quality of the cleaning. In addition, a professional residential cleaning service will have a checklist to make sure that the service gets done right and with the customer’s approval. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with what was done on the checklist, the team will go back to rectify what was missed.

Dependability – The cleaning team shows up on time for the scheduled cleaning and has adequately trained employees along with specialized equipment to meet the customer’s specific cleaning needs.

Convenience – Make sure that the cleaning company can accommodate your needs and your schedule. Another convenience that a professional cleaning service can offer is to pay by credit card.

Frequency of Cleaning your home

The frequency of your cleaning is driven generally by both your budget and your cleaning needs. Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we have customers who are very demanding and want a 5 Star cleaning every time.

This expectation is directly related to the frequency of their cleanings and most often our customers are Semi Monthly. There are also families who who benefit from having a monthly house cleaning. Generally a monthly cleaning frequency works well for low traffic homes and those who do not have children (think retirees).

One Time vs Recurring

Many families in Central Florida and simply looking for a cleaning service to come to their home for a “touch up”. This touch up is often intended to get the house up to par before company, a holiday or even after a party.

The customers that Magnolia Cleaning Service specializes in are those families who want a regular and scheduled cleaning for their home versus a one time cleaning.

Our customers again are very specific with their cleaning needs and want to build a long term partnership with their cleaning teams so that each one of the customers’ cleaning needs is addressed each cleaning.

AirBnB Rental Property Cleaning Company

Many investors and families have rental property that and use services such as AirBnB. These cleanings are often much harder to complete as the property is generally going to be high traffic and turned over frequently.

Magnolia Cleaning Service does offer AirBnB cleanings in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota.

If you are interested in having us clean your rental properties or AirBnB rentals please give us a call. These arraignments will need a quick phone discussion so we can understand exactly what you are looking for and what we can expect with the property.

Commercial Property Cleaning Company

You should never use a cleaning company that specializes in commercial cleaning as your cleaner for your home. As we have mentioned, these cleaning companies have very different systems and trainings for their employees and often do w very poor job in completing a quality and consistent cleaning for residences.

You will also find a hybrid type of cleaning company that does both residential and commercial cleanings here in Central Florida. Again these are companies you want to steal clear from as they are trying to be everything to everyone and cannot regularly make all of their customers happy because of this.

Ready to Hire a Maid Service for your Home?

If you are looking for a great Maid Service in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota then we would love to talk to you. Magnolia Cleaning Service is the premier cleaning company in Central Florid and we specialize in cleaning only residences.

Please call us to learn more as we would love to clean your home and allow you to spend more time with your family.

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