April 6, 2020

What is the Difference Between a Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning for Your Home?

Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning for Your Home

One of the most asked questions when we are describing our cleaning services is “What is the difference between a Standard Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?”

The short answer is that the Deep Cleans are often harder, more labor intensive, and designed with the customer’s specific needs in mind. Often we are able to bring a home up to a 5 Star Standard in one visit thereby setting the stage for a maintenance Standard Cleaning going forward.

The Deep Cleaning insures that all the built up grim is cleaned much of which is usually done during a Standard Cleaning. This type of cleaning for your home is always customized with any areas of focus that you would like the cleaning team to spend extra time on.

Video: Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning for your Home

Want to know the difference between a Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning for your home?

During a deep clean we always suggest to add additional focus points such as cleaning the main refrigerator, the inside of the oven and the wiping down of the blinds as examples.

A through Deep Cleaning will also focus on other high traffic areas of the home as well as frequently touched handles, door knobs etc. This approach allows your maids to properly disinfect and sanitize your home.

A Standard Cleaning then follows this Deep Cleaning and these are designed to maintain the customer’s home at a 5-Star standard using our checklist. We service a higher level of customers and provide a more detail checklist than most Maid Services in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota Florida.

Deep Cleaning List

Below is a list of some of the things that are included during a Deep Cleaning for your home:

  • Deep Sanitation and Disinfecting
  • Baseboards (Damp)
  • Door panels and frames (Damp)
  • Window sills (Damp)
  • Fan blades (Damp)
  • Cabinet faces
  • Hard water stain removal
  • Dust air vents
  • Clean under furniture cushions
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Clean under appliances
  • Outside and inside of sliders and tracks
  • Extra detailing (customize cleaning, customer’s wish list)
  • Refrigerator (as an add on service – Inside and Exterior)
  • Inside of Oven (as an add on service)

Which homes benefit most from a Deep Cleaning?

The deep cleanings are well suited for homes that have “heavy traffic”. For example, homes that have pets and children. If the home has a lot of dust or has trinkets/pictures frames and we have to wipe down each individual item.

A deep clean is recommended during the initial cleaning or if the home has not been professionally cleaned in a long time.

The mission for all of us a Magnolia Cleaning Service is to provide a 5 Star Cleaning every time and to allow our customers more time with their families. If you would like to hear from our customers on what they think of our Maids and cleaning teams click here for our Customer Testimonials.

Looking for Premier Maid Service and you live in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota? We would love to talk to you about your cleaning needs!

Do you want a Deep Cleaning or Standard Cleaning 15 minute consultation?

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    Cleaning if the house was infected with COVID-19 is not “clean as usual”. If someone has been infected in the house the the procedure for disinfecting the house is very rigorous, cleaning and sanitizing DOES NOT kill the virus. Cleaning and sanitizing only reduces the number of bacteria by 99.9%. It does nothing to reduce the virus(es). Disinfecting does not mean spraying disinfectant on a surface and wiping it away. That is not how it works. Sponges should not be used if you are cleaning a home that has been infected by COVID-19. If you use microfiber clothes or rags, you can only use them one per area, in a room, and tie them up in a bag once they are used, and get them professionally cleaned. Gloves must be worn but you still have to keep your hands washed, throughout the cleaning. Do not use the same gloves throughout the house. A regular mask will not protect you if the home WAS infected. If the home was infected, you need to use N95 mask, which will protect you 95% of the COVID-19 virus from getting to you, as long as you are fitted properly. If you use the CDC approved disinfects, you will reduce the bacteria by 99.9%. When you use the CDC approve chemicals on the surface, make sure you saturate it, let sit for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off. Make sure you pay attention to fomites (microbes that transfer from surface to surface, for example: cellphone to counter). PPE is not effective if you are not following all the other protocols so it is important to understand this. If there is grime in a home this gives microbes food and moisture, which deactivates any disinfectants. Grime can be on doors, handles, countertops, baseboards, etc…. basically anywhere in your home. Hire a professional and well trained cleaning company, like Magnolia Cleaning Services to make sure your home is disinfected properly and safely.

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