A bit about our Residential Cleaning Service

(Hint) We know what you want!

Hi, I am Ana Mirwald the owner of Magnolia Cleaning Service.  Please take a minute to read the backstory on Magnolia Cleaning as I feel it will help shed some light on what makes our cleaning service truly different and one that you can trust with your home.

To give you a bit of history on Magnolia Cleaning, I started the company because I was frustrated by the consistency and quality of cleaning I was getting from some of the “more popular” companies in my neighborhood.  My family and I tried a couple of the more popular franchises and also some of the “one man shows” in that others in the neighborhood use.  The franchise residential cleaning companies were just too impersonal and the lacked in consistency while the “one man shows” were just that, one lady that did not have enough hands! I had to believe that I was not the only one with this frustration as I cannot just trust anyone in my house and I did not have the time to properly clean my home

Well as they say, Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions! I ended up speaking to my girlfriends in the neighborhood and low and behold they all had the same concerns and frustrations with their Residential Cleaning companies too!  Having run an eCommerce company for 10 years before staying at home with my children I decided to build a business plan and see if this idea of mine could work.  It turns out that having a cleaning company that is rooted in trust, consistency and who only hires dependable employees works!

Magnolia Cleaning Service is now one the the fastest growing female owned small businesses in the greater Orlando area.  I am so proud of the quality of service that our teams provide and would be proud to help you and your family with the cleaning needs that you have.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions regarding your home, it would be our pleasure to welcome you to our family of wonderful customers and to provide you with a cleaning service you can depend on.


Ana Mirwald
Owner, Magnolia Cleaning Service
email: ana@magnoliacleaningservice.com