We have openings in both markets but would live you to select the closest city.
This is where our teams start each work day.
Not a requirement! We hire awesome attitudes.
Note: You MUST own your own car, you cannot just have access to a car. If you answer “No” to this then do not proceed with your application.
We take this very seriously. Not at what your past holds, but how honest you are on your application. Failure to disclose anything on a background check means that we will stop your hiring process. Our background check typically goes back 25+ years. Background check includes DUI and DWI and DUIs and DWIs must be included on your application if applicable. You do not need to include minor traffic violations including: speeding, broken tail light, improper lane change, failure to yield right-of-way, etc.
We deal with dust and pet fur on daily basis. It will be impossible for your to work with us if you have a health condition that is sensitive to them.
Please indicate the name of your last employer, job title and description of your duties.
Please indicate the name of your last employer, contact information, job title and description of your duties.
Only select one
We are very active online – to remain the #1 maids in Central Florida and be able to provide for our employees we use these photos, videos and posts to promote Magnolia Cleaning Service to new and existing customers. It’s a team work and photos of our great team helps a lot.
This is for your uniform. Please be conservative as they run a bit small.