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Professional House Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs

When you are looking for a professional house cleaning service in Altamonte Springs look no further! Magnolia Cleaning Service delivers a 5 Star cleaning for our customers in Altamonte Springs every day! 

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Magnolia Cleaning Service has over 15 years of cleaning experience in Altamonte Springs.  Over this time we have made every step of providing cleaning services to our Altamonte Springs customers easy!

When you want the best cleaning service in Altamonte Springs look no further!

Our personalized approach to our customers homes in Altamonte Springs is one of the reasons why our customers love us.

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Magnolia Cleaning Service is a family owned house cleaning service in Altamonte Springs.  We have a QUALITY FIRST mentality and are solely focused on ensuring that all of your home's cleaning needs are met.  As a result we are the Top Rated House Cleaning service in Altamonte Springs. 

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Does your house cleaning service meet YOUR standards?

All of our cleaning teams fluently speak English and must pass a Full Background Check as terms of our employment.  What this means to you is that you can trust your cleaning team and communicate your evolving cleaning expectations as we deliver a personalized cleaning for you and your home each and every time!

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Are you getting a 5 Star cleaning EACH and EVERY time?

Magnolia Cleaning Service is committed to understanding your home's cleaning needs and building a cleaning plan that meets each one of your needs. Our goal is to have your home at a 5 Star maintenance level of cleanliness.  As a result, you will never have to say no to last minute guests! 

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Customer Testimonials

Amy Karlson

Anne Marie McGrath - Altamonte Springs, Florida

I have never had someone else come in and clean my home before- I have always done it myself. I am just a little-bit of a perfectionist, so I was a little concerned  about whether or not someone else could clean my home as well as I do. I was very pleased with the cleaning of my home. For each one of my cleanings the outcome has been detailed, professional and consistent.  Thank you!


Michael Reese - Altamonte Springs, Florida

Magnolia was responsive to our inquiries. They explained all our options in detail. We had them deep clean our house in Altamonte Springs and it was amazing. It confirmed our decision to hire them as our regular cleaning service.

Maid Service Customer Carol

Kara Bright - Altamonte Springs, Florida

My experience with Magnolia Cleaning Service has been nothing but great! My cleaning team is professional and always attentive to my homes details. They each care about the high quality of their work and delivered on what they said they would do. The company's process of 'customized notes' in the pre-work, to inform the team,  is an attention to detail that is quite impressive and helpful.

Simply put, Magnolia Cleaning Service is

Cleaning Perfected

Over the last 15 years as the premier House Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs we have perfected every aspect of our approach to our cleanings.  Our teams are highly trained and responsive to what makes each one of our customers in Altamonte Springs unique. 

If you are ready for your 5 Star Cleaning you can book us online in less than 60 seconds!

Finding The Best House Cleaning Services in Altamonte Springs

First steps in your search for a house cleaning service

Homes in Central Florida

Here in Altamonte Springs there are many opportunities for your home that may be cluttered, dusty or in need of a Deep Cleaning. Because each season in Central Florida brings its own set of challenges, homeowners are constantly playing catch up on cleaning their homes.  

For example, the Springtime often brings a huge pollen release right around February.  This pollen will be found in many common areas of your home and laundry.  

Additionally, Summer and early Fall in Altamonte Springs often include daily downpours.  Due to these storms many homes have unsightly dirt, grime and mud.  Thus it is safe to say that homeowners in Central Florida have plenty of challenges throughout the year in keeping their homes clean. 

Starting Your search

Luckily, Altamonte Springs is a large enough city where you have a number of house cleaning services that you can choose from. There are corporate cleaning companies, franchises, family owned specialty cleaning companies and one person cleaner in Altamonte Springs.  

Maybe you have already had an experience with one of these types of cleaning companies and this may sway your decision on which cleaning company you will choose next.

What to expect from this guide

Either way, here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we wanted to provide you a written guide so that you can find a house cleaning service in Altamonte Springs that will meet your homes cleaning needs. 

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How to asses your homes cleaning needs...

Cleaning Company or You?

The first thing you want to decide is if whether or not you want to establish a relationship with a cleaning service. Your home needs to be cleaned, the question is by who?

What are the advantages to hiring a professional house Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs?

First, cleaning your home takes a lot of time and energy.  Full Time careers and children can often take all of your time during the week.  

When you hire a cleaning service you will get more free time to focus on other important things or to simply have more time relax.

Professional house cleaners can thoroughly efficiently deliver 5 Star cleanings.  This is due to months of training and their being held to rigorous quality standards. 

As a result, professional cleaners will be able to get amazing results in a fraction of the time and effort it would take you to scrub your entire house on your own.

In summary, coming home to a clean house is a lot more pleasant than finding a messy home after a long day at work.

Regular Cleaning or One Time Cleaning?

As we have mentioned above some cleaning businesses, namely the franchise cleaning businesses, are better set up for one time cleanings, move in move out cleanings etc. Whereas other cleaning services in Altamonte Springs will pride themselves in building a long term relationship with you and your home.

To that end, you will have to decide exactly what you are looking for in a cleaning service - namely a One and Done Cleaning or a Regular Cleaning for your home on a frequency of your choosing.

Small Cleaning Companies vs Professional Cleaning Services

If you just need help with spring cleaning then you'll probably be happy with a very small cleaning company or "one person cleaning company" that focuses on one-time cleanings. By choosing this this type of cleaning service will arrive, help you clean what you want, and then leave the maintenance up to you.

On the other hand, if you have a home that has a high amount of traffic you may want to find a Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs that will come clean your home on a frequent and set schedule.

What Frequency of cleaning should you choose for your home in Altamonte Springs?

The frequency of your homes cleaning is another factor that you will have to decide.  Of course there are budget influences with this type of decision but lets put that aside for a moment.  

The answer to how frequent your home should be cleaned can also be addressed by asking how long your home takes to fall below your expectation of cleanliness.  For Empty Nesters, with little foot traffic, this may mean a Monthly Cleaning frequency is best for their home in Altamonte Springs.  However,  a bustling household with pets, children etc often choose a Bi Weekly or Weekly cleaning as  being the best option for their homes.  

In summary, focus on how quickly the house will fall below a "maintenance" level to answer how often you should have your hour cleaned. 

Professionals vs ?

Magnolia Cleaning Service trains our new employees and cleaning teams to consider the Ritz Carlton and their expectation of cleanliness and order.  There is no doubt that when you stay at one of their hotels you will experience a professionally trained staff that has a 5 Star, Quality First mentality.  

Knowing this, when you house is cleaned by professional cleaners that follow both standard checklist sand rotational cleaning tasks that you home will be maintained at a 5 Star level. 

Options, Cleaning Frequency and Your Home

At Magnolia Cleaning Service we offer our Customers Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly options.  As a result of having these choice many of our customers will even choose to have their home cleaned on a Weekly basis.  

After that,  and once their home is in "maintenance" mode, they will change their cleanings to be less frequent.  

The point is that the house cleaning service that you choose should provide options and flexibility as the goal is to meet your needs and not that of the cleaning service.

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How to make a budget for your House Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs

Get bids from a variety of cleaning services

Not all of the house cleaning services in Altamonte Springs are cheap. Before you decide on the final budget for cleaning your home you should always call multiple cleaning services.  

You will find that the quotes to clean you home will range quite a bit.  Before we get in to a couple more points on creating your budget remember, you will get what you pay for!

Practice a bit of caution before you proceed!

It's a good rule of thumb to not choose the cheapest bid.  The barriers to entry for someone to call themselves a cleaner are not high. However, the price you pay if you hire the wrong cleaning company is!  

There are many tactics that an unprofessional cleaning company will use to cut costs and quality.  

Firstly, they will will use inferior products that are diluted and or not meant for surfaces that they be cleaning.  As a result, this can lead to damage in the worst cases replacement of appliances and counter tops.  

Secondly, these low level companies will not properly background check their employees or contractors.  As a result, this can lead to theft and unscrupulous behavior that you, the homeowner, will be liable for. 

Thirdly, these cleaning services will not be covered by proper certifications, Bonding, Insurance and or Workers Compensation. In other words, if someone gets injured on your property or damages a part of your home you the homeowner will be liable for repair, injury and  healthcare costs.

Lastly, not investing in proper safety training, cleaning processes and quality checks.  As a result, this leads to inconsistent cleanings with the chance of injury or equipment damaging your household.

Interestingly, all of the Franchise Cleaning companies and "budget friendly" house cleaning services use cheap products. What's more, these Franchises often have low training standards for their employees and an extremly low hiring standard.  It should come as no surprise that they just want to get through the day without breaking something.  

For instance, as you seek pricing you will find that these types of companies will be less, sometimes noticeably so. 

Fast Food Franchises and your Cleaning Service

Maybe the best way to look at the cleaning services is by comparing it to the Fast Food industry.  There is one very large Fast Food Franchise that sells a lot hamburgers (if you can call them that).  Generally this Franchise's employees provide terrible service and do not take pride in their work. Not to mention that the quality of the food is unhealthy and not desirable.  

In contrast, there are many Non Franchise restaurants in Altamonte Springs; one of them just may be your favorite!  In these cases you often find employees who are cared for.  Additionally, the  staff will be attentive to your needs and allow for a dining experience that is superior.  

Similarly, you will find this same experience in quality, service and consistency with the house cleaning services in Altamonte Springs. 

Your Budget and the Bids you received

If you don't know how much you can afford to pay for a cleaning service then this is where you would make your budget. In other words, sit down and create a budget now.  This should include a priority list of what is most important to you and hiring a cleaning service.  

Importantly many people look over this personalized priority list, don't be them!  

Say NO to Contracts

Any cleaning service that requires a contract for their services should be fired.  The quality of work and commitment to fully understanding your cleaning needs is the most important step. Without this, the chances of developing a long term relationship with your servicee are diminished.  

In other words, if you are considering any cleaning companies from your interview that do require a contract, cross them off the list now.  

It is important to realize that every Franchise Cleaning Company has a requirement for a certain number of cleanings and or a longer term contract.  

At Magnolia Cleaning Service we have no contracts whatsoever.  As a result, our customers choose to stay with our Small Business because we are consistent, professional, fair and communicative.

Are you ready for a 5 Star Cleaning from Magnolia Cleaning Service?

Collect References and Reviews

Time to start crossing some of the Cleaning Services off the list

This is the step in the process of finding the best cleaning service in Altamonte Springs that requires eliminating some of the cleaning companies from your "Short List". 

It is always important to research each cleaning service you are considering.  For instance take the time read a companies Customer Testimonials and Reviews.  

If you want to find the reviews for Magnolia Cleaning Service you can find our Customer Testimonials here and our Google Reviews for Orlando and Tampa here.  

Get References from any Cleaning Service you are considering!

Although reviews on Google, Facebook or other websites are important, there is no better vote of confidence in the quality of a cleaning service than getting references.  Importantly, a professional cleaning service should have plenty of references within Altamonte Springs for you to speak to before making a decision. 

Here at Magnolia Cleaning Service we have many references in Altamonte Springs for you to speak to.  In fact, most of our our Customers have offered to be references because of the high quality of cleanings we deliver to them!  

One last important point on References and Reviews

Although 5 Star Reviews are important measures of quality from Google or Facebook, our last tip to finding a great cleaning services in Altamonte Springs by looking at Reviews is a bit different.  

With our would encourage you to look at the 1 Star and 2 Star reviews for any cleaning service you are considering.  Also know that some of these are unfair reviews or at times are not even Customers of the company.  

There are, however, instances where it is clear the review came from a Customer.  Therefore, pay attention to what the Cleaning Service missed and how they responded to the did to poor review. 

In summary, read reviews carefully and also ask any cleaning service in Altamonte Springs that you are considering for references.

Also, don't count out a bad review when you can confirm that it in fact came from a paying customer. 

Lastly, you can find our Customer Testimonials here and our Google Reviews for Orlando and Tampa here.

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Getting Started with the House Cleaning Service in Altamonte Springs you chose...

A quick review, what steps you have taken so far

There may not be a more intimate decision you will make for your home than choosing a cleaning service.  As you have seen from the steps above there are too many companies to choose from.  Therefore, you had to take time to and follow a process to eliminate cleaning services from the larger list. 

If you made the correct decision you did not choose a Cleaning Service for your home in Altamonte Springs solely based on price. 

Rather,  you took time to understand your cleaning needs as this will be your guide for what type of cleaning service to choose.  Next, you researched and compiled a list.  After that,  you spoke to each cleaning service on the list. Later you asked for references and read through the online reviews from the short list of companies you are considering. 

Importantly you should have called the references and eliminated a number of cleaning companies as they did not pass this step.

You made your choice, now what?

One of the last and most important steps before the cleaners come to you home is to communicate your cleaning needs and expectations to the house cleaning service in Altamonte Springs that you chose.  In short, this should involve a 15 minute consultation call with your cleaning service.  That is to say, the Consultation Call is where you clearly list and communicate exactly what you expect from your cleaning. 

Additionally this conversation should highlight any items that the cleaning teams should practice care around.  For example, you may have a display of Lladros where the cleaning team should skip dusting.  Similarly, you may have family heirlooms that cannot be replaced.  In these examples, these types of items should clearly be called out on the consultation call. 

What a good relationship looks like

Once the cleaning service completes their first cleaning on your home be sure to provide feedback on how they met your expectations. Depending on the state of your home they may not have had the full opportunity to bring your home to  a 5 Star Standard. Knowing this, provide specifics on any items or areas of your house that need more TLC.

It is important to realize that you are building a relationship with your cleaning service so honest and frequent feedback is important.  Above all, if your cleaning service is not interested committing to your evolving feedback, find another cleaning service. 

Additionally pay attention to how your feedback is captured. The best house cleaning services in Altamonte Springs will include your feedback as part of their Check Out process for your home.  In this situation your feedback is immediately included in the checkout for the next cleaning.  

One Final Word

Finding a great cleaning service in Altamonte Springs is difficult.  This guide was intended to provide you a framework to follow so you can find a cleaning service for your home.

Magnolia Cleaning Service is Central Florida's premier house cleaning service. We focus on a Quality First mentality with all of our employees. As a result we can can commit to our customers the highest standards of cleanings.

We would like nothing more then provide this same level of focus and dedication to cleaning your home.  If you are looking for best cleaning service in Altamonte Springs then look no further then Magnolia Cleaning Service.

Please click the link below so we can take a couple minutes to better understand your cleaning needs.

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