January 26


Gasparilla Party: Tips to Cleaning your home!

January 26, 2022

Are you ready for Gasparilla? It is just around the corner and Bay Shore Boulevard and Downtown Tampa Florida will be rocking for sure!

Tampa has many reasons to celebrate having the word class Tampa Bay Lightning and Buccaneers playing so well. But let’s add one more reason the list – a Pirate invasion!

Gasparilla, and all of its frivolity, has both child Friendly and Adult oriented events and you just may be expecting some out of town guests for it! If so, you are not along as many of our Clients in Tampa are cleaning up their homes for a Pirate Party!

Tips to getting your home ready for a Gasparilla Party

Well outside of having plenty of Rum (we all know that Pirates love their Rum!) here you will get a couple pointers on tiding up your home in Tampa a party this weekend!

Tips for your home before your Gasparilla Party

  • Remove Clutter: Focus especially on the Kitchen area and outdoor Kitchen/pool areas.
  • Take out the Trash: Yes, this means every room including the office. The Pirates of Gasparilla leave a huge mess so you will be glad that you did this!
  • Run the Dishwasher: Get all the food ware and glasses washed and stowed away. You will have plenty of dishes to clean after your guests leave.
  • Toilet Paper: Be sure each restroom is fully stocked up. Nothing worse then being a guest at a party and getting stranded!!
  • Bath and Shower Towels: again get all of your bathrooms stocked up. Be sure to leave extra linens in any guest rooms so that everyone can be at their best for the big party.

Tips for your home after your Gasparilla Party

  • Mopping: Your guests will most likely leave tracks everywhere. Time to invest in a great Steamer and Mop Set!
  • Laundry: Depending on how many guests you had it may be best to hire a cleaning service to help you catch up on the linen and towels. Your call but this may just save you some time to focus elsewhere.
  • Costco or Sam’s Club: Chances are your Gasparilla guests put a hurting on your paper products (Toilet Paper, Napkins and Paper Towels). These products alone can justify a Costco run.
  • Hire a Cleaning Service: What better time to hire a professional house cleaning service then after your guests leave!

Party’s Over, Now What?

Every good party eventually comes to an end and that is where a great cleaning company for your homes comes in to play! Some of the tips above like Mopping and Linen services will only get you so far.

A great house cleaning service will easily be able to get your home up to 5 Stars in no time. There is a reasonable chance that your kitchen, first floor bathrooms and outdoor pool area got a work from your Gasparilla party. All of these rooms need extra attention and many of our clients get a Deep Cleaning after a big holiday party.

If you do do not have regular cleaning for your home in Tampa then now is the time. Magnolia Cleaning Service is Tampa’s Premier House Cleaning Service. We service some of the most popular cities within Tampa including St Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach, Davis Island and Downtown Tampa. Click on the button below to schedule a Cleaning Consultation call with us, we are really good at cleaning up after Pirates!

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